Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Video Update:

Here is a video of what Prince and I were up to in early December, before all the snow got here ;)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Game of Contact - Day Three

Today was day three. I was only able to do bridling and bit isolations as circumstances didn't allow me to do anything else.

Bridling was good. Prince is starting to go directly for the bit instead of exploring most of the bridle looking for a treat. That is an improvement. Prince didn't mouth the bit as much as I was doing everything up either. Another improvement. Bit isolations were amazing! Prince was light and was stretching even more!

I also tried using the reins. Just to get a feel for what that would be like. At first Prince assumed lateral flexion but with some patient persistence he got it and would stretch nice and low. After I played with getting Prince to seek the bit even more and actually take it all by himself. He caught on fairly quickly. I did have to raise it a little once he had taken it as he kept dropping it but after a few tries he was able to take it all by himself and keep it. Also Prince had learned in the past to invade me space, with his head and neck, a little while I unbridled him so we played with him keeping his head/ neck straight and still low. He figured it out and so we ended with a really nice bridling and unbridling.

I started playing with bridling with Twosox as he was curious about it all. It took a few times before he figured out how to get the treat, and it was not by pushing the bit away and taking it ;) The last one was really nice and smooth! So we ended on that one.

Anyways, tomorrow is my last full day at home before back to work I go for the rest of the week. So I am really hoping to be able to ride! I want to play with some Game of Contact stuff with Prince, and Lord willing ride Twosox and maybe Knightly. My plan is to focus on their freestyle for the next few months and get that going well and build on their foundation.

Until tomorrow!


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Game of Contact - The beginning of the journey.

Hello all! I know, it has been a while!

Fall 2011 ~ Dabbling in finesse
I have decided to start blogging a little more regularly. Mainly regarding my journey with the Game of Contact. Having no traditional background before Parelli Finesse is my weakest savvy. I know that just like the other three savvies this one will be just as much as a learning experience and that is why I am so thankful for the Game of Contact home study program that will be walking me through it. Needless to say, I am very excited and looking forward to taking this next step in my horsemanship journey.

Prince and I have just started as the DVD's just arrived the other day. We are still playing with getting him to want to be bridled and also bit isolations. We had been playing previously with bridling so we already had that going well. Prince was putting effort into taking the bit so that he could get the treat.

Sept~ Fawn Anderson clinic
As for the bit isolation, they are going well. Day one was good. Outwardly Prince seemed to be ignoring me but I know that on the inside he wasn't, his wheels were turning no doubt. Mrs. Parelli's line of "It is not 'if' but 'when' " kept running through my mind. I knew that it was doing to work and it was just going to take time. I was playing for tomorrow. After about fifteen minutes of slowly putting on the pressure and then releasing the instant Prince thought about moving his head down he started putting a little bit more effort into trying and we ended when he was responded at a much lighter phase. I would have kept going but I was frozen as it was -25 (Celsius).

Today was Day Two and although it was pouring rain we still had a great session. It was proven that Prince was thinking last day although on the outside it looked like paint drying, it was very interesting paint drying though I must add. I loved every minute of it! Being an introvert myself I can identify with my introverted horses.

September ~ Level 3/4 Clinic ~ Playing with some finesse

So today Prince was eager to see the bridle and enthusiastic about taking it. Bit Isolations were instant! All I had to do was put the slightest bit of pressure on the bit and his head when down! Perfect! To advance it I looked for Prince to put a little bit more effort into really putting his head down instead of just a little tiny bit down. Prince caught on really fast and so we ended and played a little bit with getting more understanding in regards to bridling. Prince is eager to get the treat but isn't quite going straight for the bit, he is more going for the bridle, verses the bit. We played with that and after a couple times Prince was actually picking up the bit by himself with softness and understanding.

There you have it, day one and two of playing with some of the beginning stages of stage one in the Game of Contact!