Saturday, October 31, 2009

Advancing our Online and Liberty

October 28 2009

Prince and I had the most amazing play time together today. It was SO much fun!!!! We didn't ride but we played Online and at Liberty. Prince offered so much and was trying really hard to do what I was asking.

Before we went up to the riding ring I picked up Prince's feet, all four. His right side was a lot better. So that went quickly but his left side was harder. We played for a bit. On his left hind foot he was pulling so after he relaxed a little bit I put it down. I didn't pick it out though. So after that we went up to the riding ring and played. I had three things I wanted to play with: Leading by the ear, Change of directions [getting then soft, smooth and snappy] and doing more with a flank rope.

All three things went really well and we had a blast while we were doing it. We started out with the flank rope. We did some circles and transitions. Prince did REALLY REALLY well. We didn't do any cantering because I was only ont he 12ft line but we did walk, trot, halt, back up, sideways and some point to point. For the most part Prince responded to just the flank rope but a couple times I had to reinforce with the lead rope, no problem considering it was only our second time playing with it!!!

After that we did some leading by the ear. Prince was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time you could tell he was trying to figure out what the pressure meant but just couldn't figure it out so I helped him a little bit with the lead rope. The next time he knew exactly what to do and we walked half way across the riding ring doing turns, stopping and back up. I was so proud of Prince!!

Then I took the lead rope off and we played at Liberty. We did A LOT of things from 40ft away. One time I stood at the fence and sent Prince from zone 5 to the pedestal that was about 35ft away!!!!! It was SO cool!!! Then I sent Prince to a barrel and asked him to check it out. At first he was connected to me but wasn't sure what I wanted him to do but pretty soon he started asking questions and trying everything!!! We did sideways [from 40ft away] to the barrel, over it, around it and then Prince put his foot on the barrel and just left it there, while he was looking at me like "Is that what you wanted??" It was so cute!! Just before we went back Online I asked Prince to pick on his left back foot [the one that we were having trouble with earlier]. Prince picked it up and gave it to me then let me hold it, pick it out and then put it down. He didn't even try pulling back once!!! It was so nice!!

After a rest we went back Online and did some circles. We did don't break gait at the canter. At first Prince kept breaking gait [we haven't done that in a while] but after a little bit he started putting some effort into not breaking gait. After that we played with our change of directions. At first they were kind of sloppy but we kept with it until we got three or four really nice ones then we stopped. Prince had a really good lick and chew over that!!! 

I then let Prince go. Prince followed me over to the fence. I was picking everything up so Prince moseyed away. He was at the other side of the riding ring when I was ready to go so I called him and he came TROTTING all the way over to me!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my horse!!!! It was really funny because I was just untieing the gate to let Prince out and he turned around and trotted off!! Then when he get to the other side of the riding ring he turns and looks at me. I wasn't sure exactly what it meant but I went along with it and so we played the catching game.... which wasn't really a catching game because Prince came to be as soon as I asked him too. Once he was with me we walked over to the gate again.... and again Prince took off running but this time added a little buck in there. It was so funny!!! This time I decided we would played alittle bit so when I got him back we didn't go over to the gate but I asked Prince to stand on the pedestal, come sideways to me, and some other stuff. Then we walked back over to the gate, this time I lead Prince by the chin so that he wouldn't leave. Then I opened the gate and Prince looked at me like "Are you sure?" Then he slowly walked out the gate.

It was so much fun!!! It was a wonderful play time to get me back into the swing of things. We have been cleaning out our corral because it freezes so we haven't had a lot of time to play. I couldn't believe how much fun we both had!!! I was totally happy to go back and join the others in the corral after that :)


Really cool play time with Twosox....

I am really behind on our play times. Sorry about that. There aren't that many to write about because we have been busy cleaning out our corral before the snow comes and so I haven't been able to play with the horses a lot.

Anyways, the next playtime to write about was one I had with Twosox on Sunday....

October 25 2009

Twosox and I had a really good playtime today. Twosox was confident but not dominate. He was really really good. I had to help my mom with something and Twosox just stood there perfectly happy and when I needed to dempnstrate something with him he did it perfectly!!! I was helping my mom with driving and porcupining Knightly's forequarters. I was actually surprised at how light and responsive Twosox was!! He was doing these perfect pivots everytime I asked him to!!! He is such a sweet horse!!

We also did some circles. We played around with finding some rhythm, relaxation and connection. It took a while but finally we got about 3 steps!! So that was were we ended that. I also picked up all of Twosox's feet and examined them. Twosox did really well. He is getting really comfortable with me holding his back feet also.

After we had played for a bit I got on and rode. I ended up getting off twice because since it was windy Twosox was a little unconfident. I would rather get off and have to get back on again then get off the wrong way ;) We had a good ride though. We did Follow the rail, Point to point, refined indirect and direct rein and a whole bunch of friendly game!!! It was fun!!

When we were done riding I got off and Twosox and I just spent some time hanging out together. It was nice just to relax and do nothing. Twosox has come such a long way and it is really neat to see him being truly relaxed when we are playing.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another day out with my pony!

Oct 20 2009

Little bit of a height and with difference eh?? hehe In Prince's defense he was standing on a little bit of a downhill ;)

Okay so we took Prince and Knightly out to our friends farm again. The weather was perfect, not to warm but not to cold. It took us 20 minutes from the time the trailer pulled in the driveway till the time we were pulling out. Much quicker than last time!! :) I played with Prince a little bit around the trailer. Just for fun. I asked him to back into it. He did it perfectly!!! I just kept feeding the rope out and he kept backing up until he was all the way into the trailer!!! It was fun!! Then one time I sent Prince in and then backed him all the way out by the tail. When we got to there we unloaded the horses. They did really well. Both had a little bit of trouble backing out straight but it wasn't to bad. So I just asked the horses to back up a little bit farther then just off the ramp.

Prince and I then went into the arena and I saddled him up. He stood perfectly quite while I did everything. Then we played in the arena for a couple minutes. After the saddle was tight enough so that it wouldn't slide around Prince and I went out into the field and did some circle game. Prince trotted 6 circles with relaxation, rhythm and connection. It was so cool!!!  Then we went into the arena and did some sideways, jumping, and figure eight. We also did some circles at the canter. Prince cantered 4 laps really nicely!! Plus he had to jump the log every time!!!

Then I sat on the big log and asked Prince to go sideways away from me over the other log then come back doing sideways towards me. He did SO well! I was really proud of Prince. Normally Prince had a hard time coming sideways towards me when I am farther away, he wasn't sure what I wanted. But this time was perfect!!! It was so cool! 

After that we went over to the line of barrels, they were set up for a weave so we did some Weaving at the walk and trot. Prince did really well at that. He was really in tune with too!! Then I got an idea of asking Prince to jump a single barrel then walk or trot to the next barrel and jump that one. At first Prince wouldn just jump the one barrel and go around the second one so we kept playing with it. Then after a couple minutes Prince did it!!!!!!!! It was SO cool to see him change and really try to figure it out!!! It was really beautiful too!! Prince jumped right over the first one, trotted to the next barrel and jumped right over it too!!! Then he turned and looked at me and asked a beautiful question!!! He got a big rest for that!! Prince had a really big lick and chew also!!

Before I got on and rode we set up the Question Box pattern. Prince stayed with me the whole time even though I wasn't holding him. He is such a sweet horse!!! Even when we had to put the rope over him, under him etc he just stood there until we were done!! :) My horse is so cool!!!

Then I got on and rode. I put my savvy string on my halter and rode around like that for a bit. It was really fun!! One thing that it showed me was that I had to be lighter with Prince!! Every time I picked up my savvy string to direct Prince I was reminded to be as light as possible. Prince did so well!!! We did Direct rein, refined direct rein, transitions, sideways, pivoting and lots more!! It was SO cool!!!! It also helped because Prince and I did a lot of standing around [I was helping my mom with something] so it helped Prince realize that as soon as we get into a big space it doesn't mean that we have to trot ;). When I did ask Prince to trot though he was really soft and responded at a phase 1!!!!! It was a beautiful transition!!

After a while I switched to my hackamore. The reins were so big!!! I wouldn't have loved to just stay with my savvy string and halter but I needed the two reins. Next time I am thinking about taking my red savvy string and attaching that to my halter as well so that I can have to reins but they won't be as heavy! Should be fun!!

Once I had my hackamore on we did some more walk/trot transitions, Follow the rail, and the Question box!!! We also did some carrot stick riding At first our Question Box awful!! Prince wasn't staying on the circle, he was heavy on the reins etc. So I got off and fixed our Porcupine game on the ground then got back up and it was much better. It was funny though because at one point when we were on the circle I trying to figure out why Prince kept walking right over the tire [one of the markers for the circle] then all of a sudden it hit me and I felt rather stupid..... it was because I WAS LOOKING AT THE TIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe no wonder ;) So once I stopped looking at the tire and made sure I looking where I wanted to go, everything go a lot better!!! I even felt confident enough to start the trot!! At first Prince was a little off on the circle but pretty soon we were trotting the circle with 2 or less corrections!!!! Since that was going really well we then went to the other side of the Question Box. Prince was really really good and that went really well. He got a long rest in the box then we went and did some point to point at the trot. Prince was great!!!! I made sure to keep my focus and everything was fine!!! We trotted the whole length of the arena, took a rest then trotted all the way back down again!!!! It was wonderful!!!!

After I got off I let Prince eat some grass out side of the arena. Then Prince and I went back to the trailer to grab the video camera for my mom. I wanted to ride Prince back but I had loosened my saddle already so I didn't but on the way back since I had taken my saddle off I hopped on Prince bareback and we rode on the outside of the arena all the way back down to my mom. When we got closer to them I asked Prince to trot and we trotted the rest of the way!!!!!!! I was SO happy!!! When we were riding down to the others it suddenly hit me that I was riding Prince bareback in a wide open space!! I mean just less then a year ago Prince wouldn't even let me get on him bareback let alone ride him [or even trot!!]. It was so cool!!! Prince is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him SO much!!!!

While my mom filmed our friend [she did her Level 3 Online Audition] I held both Prince and Knightly while they ate. They both did really well. Every once and a while Prince would come over to me and eat really close to me, sniff me out then slow eat his way over to Knightly. It was really fun!! I am so blessed!!! Then all three of us [Prince, Knightly and myself] trotted all the way from where we were to the others. Prince stayed right with me and Knightly was a little farther behind but not to much. It was a lot of fun running with both horses!!

After lunch we went back out and I played with Prince at Liberty, both in the big arena and in the round corral. When we were playing on the arena we did Stick to me, Touch it, Sideways towards and away, leading by the tail, jumping, draw at the trot, rolling the ball, and also sideways over a log with me about 10ft away and with no carrot stick!!!!!

While we were in the round corral we played with our circles. The last time we did Liberty in a round corral both out Transitions and Change of directions were awful, this time just our Change of directions were :) It was really encouraging though because now I know what we need to play with!!! I could NOT believe how in tune Prince was with me though!!! We did all sorts of transitions and all of them were at a phase 2 or less!!!! It was incredible!!!!

On our way back to the trailer we were still at Liberty and so I started running across the arena and Prince pretty much stuck with me!!! He got a little bit behind but not to much. It was so much fun!!!! I was running really fast and Prince was just trotting along. It much have been a funny picture ;)

The horses loaded up quickly. I think it was something like 5 minutes and they were both in and ready to go. Knightly didn't want to leave. He kept dogging out and eating again. What a funny horse!! When we got home we unloaded the horses and then I saw my dad come walking down the road. So Prince and I went to meet him. Then we walked back with him. After that we just stood on the driveway talking with our friend before she left. I put the rope over Prince's back and just stood there with him. He just stood ther happily and didn't try to leave even though there was grass near by. It was really neat.

It was a WONDERFUL day from beginning to end. I hope we can do it again soon!!!!

We didn't get to many pictures.... we were to busy playing :) But I got a couple of the horses in the trailer....

The boys waiting to be unloaded....

Prince loves this door!!! He can be as snoopy as he wants but doesn't have to move! ;)

Can't forget Knightly!! Trailering LBI's is so easy!! hehe

That is all for now!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dealing with confidence issues...... with me!

Like the title says I am dealing with some unconfidence issues while riding. I am not 100% sure when it all happened but I think it started with cantering. I wasn't ready and ended up bushing myself to far outside my comfort zone. So now I am dealing with confidence issues at the trot. Walk is fine, trot is fine for the most part... until Prince gets trotting faster. So it isn't a big issue but it isn't something I want to ignore either. I find that when I am riding with out my carrot stick it helps. The main issue is when Prince get trotting faster and then I feel that I can't stop him fast enough when I get a little worried. So riding with out a carrot stick right now really helps. Plus having a really strong focus and not letting my mind think 'What if Prince starts to canter" Which would be a really slight chance because our riding ring is so small. Today when I was riding I realized that as soon as I stopped focusing at what I was looking at [normally a fence post or something] that was when I got worried. So I have to keep my mind on riding the trot and on staying focused. That helped A LOT!!!! It was really good and it also helped that I realized that when Prince was getting faster his mind was still on me and what I was asking him to do. Because as soon as I relaxed and asked Prince to stop he would. I didn't even need to use my reins.

Anyways. That was a little bit different way of introducing my play session today ;) But believe it or not it really helped typing it out and thinking it all over. Tomorrow we are hoping to trailer the horses out to our friends farm again and play and ride there. So I have a plan on what I want to do when I am riding. Her arena is so much bigger then ours so that doesn't really help any but I think what I will do is pick Follow the rail and trot from post #1 to post #3 then walk a little then do the same thing over again. Plus do it with out a carrot stick. My riding has gotten a lot better over the past couple months but I still have a long way to go and right now I can ride perfectly fine with a carrot stick at the walk but when I get into the trot I don't go through my phases right and everthing goes down hill from there. So that will be one thing I do. I just need to take is slow and wait for me to really be confident then maybe I will try some other stuff.

So now that that is over with I will start at the beginning and tell you all about my play time and ride with Prince today!!!

I started by playing with Ruffian feet. He was by the gate and wouldn't leave so I thought why not. I ended up picking up all four of his feet and picking them out, all at liberty!! Ruffy was a gem!!! He got a little bit bored right near the end but all in all he was wonderful!!

Then I went to Prince. I wasn't sure how he was going to do but I took it all a step at a time and I think everything went well. I had to use a couple different strategies too. It was a real test of my savvy!! We started out a Liberty just because I was to lazy to go through the muck and get the halter. Prince did pretty well but then he started pulling his foot away when ever I started picking out his foot. So after a little while I decided to use my 12ft line and put it around Prince's foot and use that to help me hold it. That made a HUGE difference!!! I mean it was so much easier!! At first Prince still pulled and tired to get his foot away but I was able to just go with it and every time Prince stopped pulling I would take rub him and take his foot and just hold it. Then after I could hold his foot up with rope for 30 seconds and he wouldn't pull I started holding the foot and only using the rope if I needed too. Prince did so well that he didn't pull once while I was picking out his foot and I took my time and looked at it, moved it around, brushed it etc Prince just stood there quietly!! He even put his head lower and started licking and chewing!!

We then went to the right front foot. That one was harder. Prince did not want me to hold it but after a little while he figured out what I wanted and he let me pick out his foot and put it down nicely! I could tell that Prince was getting closer to letting me hold that foot because when I picked it up he was soft and then he started blowing, sighing, and licking and chewing. I gave him a long break and then we saddled up and went up to the riding ring. I am so proud of how well Prince and Ruffy did. I am confident that next time Prince will be that much better!!   

Once we were up in the riding ring Prince and I played on the 12ft line for a bit. It was a lot of fun seeing how much we could get done on a shorter line. We did walk/trot and canter on the circle, change of directions [drop to trot lead changes and change of direction at the trot], transitions [canter to halt to back up etc] We played with backing up on the circle, Prince backed up about 1/2 a circle!!! Then we went and got a Porcupine game lighter. Prince did really well. We got about 3/4 of a pivot both forequarters and hindquarters.

After that I got on and rode. We played with Follow the rail, Figure 8's at a trot, Sideways, Transitions, Point to point [Prince offered to put all four feet on the pedestal!!], Weaving, getting the 9 step back up lighter, backing up with no reins, Savvy string riding, Indirect and Direct rein. It was interesting because when we were doing the indirect rein I could actually feel when Prince did it right and when he wasn't quite doing it. It was really cool!! Our transitions are getting a lot better! We did some trot to halt transitions [Prince was really good at those ;)]

One thing I did find out that was Prince likes it better when I don't ride with a carrot stick. It was an interesting discovery!! So I ended up riding with it only at the walk or when I was totally freestyle and not holding my reins. I had to make sure to be really soft and give Prince the time to respond then he was okay with it but if I got to hard or went to a phase 4 with out doing a proper phase 1 Prince would put his ears back, his head would go up and he would get defensive. It was a "How interesting" moment!!

I had to get off at one point so Prince and I did some Figure eights. Prince was REALLY good!! I played around with what I learned at the Fawn Anderson clinic. It really made a difference! I had to play around with our Sideways too. Prince isn't really going sideways [his hindquarters are lagging] so we played around with that. It is amazing how when you are focusing in the right place everything goes better! :) hehe

After I had gotten off and unsaddled Prince I was going to let him go but my mom wasn't quite done with Knightly so I decided to get on Prince bareback. He brought himself right over to the fence for me to get on and was happy to let me on. Such a big change from last year!! I wasn't planning on going anywhere of doing anything but after a while of standing by the fence Prince started walking so I took it and we went over to the gate then I asked him to go over to the pedestal. We rode over to the pedestal, Prince climbed up and we stood there for a while. Then I slid of Prince's hindquarters, just for fun ;)

Prince did really well. I was a little frustrated because I knew that I could have been a lot better and I should have known to go through my phases right [well I knew it but for some reason it didn't come out my hands today]. Typing it has really helped. I was able to see that we did have a really good ride and even though I could have been a million times better at least I know where I can improve!! :)

Anyways.... Lord willing we will be going out to our friends tomorrow! I am excited!!!! I hope everything goes well. I will let you all know how it goes!! :)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick update:

Well day one of the Fawn Anderson clinic went well. Since is was just a level 2 Pattern clinic I didn't learn bucket loads but there were still some small things that I learned and were really interesting.

Here are a few things that I will leave you with:

- The beginning shouldn't look like the end

- Focus, focus, focus!!!! If your horse isn't doing what you want it is probably just doing what you are asking him/her to do in your body!

- Stick with the pattern until you see a noticeable change [for each horse it will be different]

- It is 4-7 days of perfect practice!! If you do 4-7 days of bad practice it will not be any better on the 7th day!

- Simulations are REALLY fun!! The friend that took us and myself helped with the simulations in the morning. For one thing they show your inner personality!! There was two people being the horse and one person was the human. I found that I was like 'Lets just do the Figure eight so we can get it over with so we have have a rest!" I didn't want to be a bad horsey because it was to much work! ;) hehe

It was kind of cool because when I was the human, my horsey [the two people] say that they just wanted to do the Figure eight for me because I was being polite and soft!! The only problem for me was that I didn't want to give any bad feedback to the person being the human :( I was rather RBI when we first got there. I have been to enough Parelli clinics before but it hasn't gotten easier. I never like meeting  the Parelli instructor!! I don't know why..... but after a little while I was more my LBI self. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! :)

Anyways.... we forgot our camera. Hopefully tomorrow I can remember and take some pics!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Wow!! What a day!!

Today was so much fun!!! We [my mom and I] took Prince and Knightly out to a friends farm [she picked us and the horses up!]. We spend the morning there and left at about 2:00. The day went fast but it was so much fun!!! I did some of all four savvies with Prince. I am going to break it up into each savvy, it will be a little easier to type ;)

Lets see.... Prince and I did Transitions on the 12ft line, 22ft line and the 45ft line [not a whole lot on each different length but some here and there] Prince cantered a 10ft circle around me!!! We did change of directions on each length on line also. Prince did a flying lead change too!!!!!!!!!!! Normally I have to do a lot of change of directions at the trot before Prince will be in tune with me enough to give me a flying lead change but Prince gave it to me on the second change of direction today!!!! It was SO COOL!!!!!! Prince was really connected to me through out the whole day. It was really nice considering there were sheep roaming around, cows in the other field [Prince couldn't stop looking at the cows!!! It was so cute!! I can't wait ride Prince around some cows. It will be a lot of fun!!]

We also did some two line driving. Prince was incredible!!!! I think that since our Freestyle riding has been getting a lot better our two line driving has gotten a million times better!!! Weird I know but it is true! Prince was a lot more responsive and soft. Our friend just received her big green Parelli ball!! It was a lot of fun to play with. I couldn't lift it though because my arms wouldn't even wrap around the thing!! Prince did really well with pushing it!! He is such a clever horse! :)

Oh we also did some sideways towards me [with me being farther away from him] drawing backwards from zone 5, stick to me at the walk, trot and canter, straddling the log, jumping and some more!!! It was so much fun playing the arena. It is HUGE!! Prince and I loved it!!


I was planning on playing at Liberty in the round corral but Prince and I ended up playing in the arena. It was really fun. Prince stayed with me the whole time too!!! We did spinning, jumping [Prince offered to jump the big log from a stand still!], leading by the tail, extreme friendly game, sideways towards me, stick to me, touch it from about 15t away, and drawing at the trot plus drawing backwards from zone 5!! Prince was so amazing!! I was really proud of him!! One time after I was finished playing with Knightly, I called Prince [he was loose in the arena] from maybe 50ft away and Prince came trotting to me!!! I didn't really expect him to come because....well I don't know, I guess I just didn't think he would leave the grass and come to me!!

So since that Liberty went so well I decided not to play with Prince in the round corral. I think it is good that for the last 4 or 5 times that Prince and I have played at Liberty we haven't played in a round corral. Both Prince and I are bored in a round corral and we don't have nearly as much fun as we do when Prince can leave any time!!! ;)


Well it was certainly an interesting experience riding in an arena that was so big. But Prince and I managed quite well I think. I just had to remember to stay focused, I think everything went pretty well. I think the only bad think was that I didn't have a strong enough plan before I go on and so even though we did Patterns I didn't have a good plan and Prince go a little bit bored I think. I will know for next time though!!

So we did Follow the rail, Sideways, Weaving, A Million Transitions, transitions in the gait [slow walk, fast walk, slow trot, fast trot etc], Point to point, and corners. I wanted to do the Questions box but I totally forgot up until now!!! Oh well next time :)

I had gotten off and played on the ground for a little bit but then I didn't feel like we ended on a good enough note so I got back on again and we did a little bit more Follow the rail but I had a better plan this time. It went SO much better!! I didn't ride with my carrot stick this time because I needed to be able to slow Prince down when he got to fast for my liking. It worked a lot better. We even trotted the whole length of the arena!!!! The first half was really rather fast then I asked Prince to slow down and trot slowly and Prince gave me a really nice slow trot. It was SO comfy!!!! It didn't even feel like a trot but I knew it was!!!

So we ended on a really good note. I was happy and so was Prince!!!

The horses loaded up really nicely. Prince did both when we were going and coming home. But Knightly had a little bit of trouble when we were leaving here this morning. It took us 1 hour to get both horses loaded this morning [Knightly wasn't really sure what we wanted him to do because he was always lead into the trailer and not sent]. When we loaded them up to come home it took 10 minutes from the time we caught the horses [they were both loose in the arena] till the time we were getting in the truck to drive off!!! Knightly was A LOT more confident getting into the trailer!!! It was amazing to see the difference!!

Here are some pics from today...

Knightly and the sheep.... He was so fascinated by them that he started chasing them!!! Well.... it was a LBI chase, he didn't use to much energy! ;)

 My beautiful boy Prince! While Knightly was chasing the sheep, Prince was keeping an eye on the cows...

He then decided that maybe if he called them they would answer... [needless to say it didn't work ;)]

Here is just a picture of the arena we played in... isn't it lovely!!!

Random picture... hehe

Wouldn't you love to go galloping across this feild!?!?!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Fawn Anderson clinic. I am excited!! I will let you know how it goes!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking the times it takes pays off!!

Taking the time it takes so it takes less time pays off!!! 

Today I had a wonderful play time and ride with Prince. It was so much fun!!! While we were playing Online we did Figure eights, maintaining gait on the circle [at the canter], Sideways towards me and away, leading by the tail, and picking up all four feet. Prince did really well with me holding his feet but when I got my hoof pick out that was when he started trying to pull his foot away. So we played with that. He did REALLY well with me picking up his back feet. That was a nice surprise!!!

Prince is either really fat or he has a digestion problem. So I am going to exercise Prince more plus give him some Apple cider vinegar and Flaxseed. Hopefully that will help. Twosox and Knightly have the same problem but they are still skinny so that is what makes me think that it is probably hay belly. So anyways to hopefully that will help :)

Prince and I had the most wonderful ride. We did Follow the rail, Figure eights and sideways and that was it. But the cool thing that was Prince was TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I mean he was soft, responsive, and happy. We did about 5 minutes of Follow the rail. Prince did so well. One time I asked him to trot and I picked a spot where I wanted to trot too. I kind of expected him to break gait but he didn't!!! We trotted the whole way and all I did was relax when we got there and Prince stopped!!! We took a little rest there. Then we went and did one Figure eight. Prince was so responsive!!! We only did one because Prince gets really bored and I wanted to make sure that I was focusing. We did it nice and slow... "Slow and right beats fast and wrong"

It took forever for Prince to lick and chew. But I waited for it and finally Prince started licking and chewing, and it was a huge one too!!! It helped that I had my mom to talk with so it didn't seem to long of a wait. Prince and I also played with pivoting on his hindquarters. At first Prince didn't really seem to understand what I was asking but then I realize that I wasn't using a supporting rein as soon as I did that he instantly got it. After that I got off and sat on a barrel while my mom and I finished our conversation, then when it was time to finish I hopped back on Prince rode over to the fence [why walk when you can ride!!!! ;)] We had to turn and face the opposite direction so I just turned my body and focused where I wanted to go and Prince did the exact same thing!! It was SO cool!!! Prince has never been that in tune with me!!!! We rode in a straight line over to the fence and I got off. Prince instantly licked and chewed over that!!! I don't think he was excepting me to get back on but it was really cool because in the spring Prince was not happy if I got off and then got back on again. He knew when the ride was over and that was the way he liked it. So it was really amazing that he let me get back on no problem!!

I had such an amazing time!! Tomorrow we are taking Prince and Knightly out to our friends farm. I decided not to take Twosox because my mom wanted to take Knightly and I had a feeling it might be to much for Twosox. I am really excited!!!! We are leaving around 8:00 so that means getting up early to make sure the horses are ready!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An "Oh boy" play time with Twosox

Twosox and I had an "Oh boy" play time this afternoon. I am not sure why but he was right brain and unconfident but to put the interesting twist on it he was half internal and half not. So it was kind of confusing. Maybe it was the wind.... I really don't know but what ever the reason I don't think I did as well as I could have.

Thinks started off okay. We did some Figure eights and some circles [with Transitions and Change of directions] we did close range circles, backing through a gate, and we kind of did a trailer simulation with the pedestal, I asked Twosox to climb up [he offered all four feet which was a big thing for Twosox] then I asked him to back off with me in zone 4/5. He did really well with that. On Friday we are planning on taking Prince to a friends farm to play on Friday and I am trying to decided whether or not to take Twosox. I am not sure. I was planning on it but then after today...... I don't know. We shall see how tomorrow goes, I don't want to push Twosox to far out of his comfort zone.

I had put the 45ft line on Twosox's halter and tied them into two reins. When Twosox felt the rope on his back he froze. So I stopped and waited. He calmed down a little bit but not a whole lot. So I untied the reins and just did some friendly game. Twosox got a little bit more Left brain. So then I switched back to the 22ft line and we went and did some falling leaf, backwards S pattern, figure eights, backing up by the nose, lots of friendly game, Touch it, and anything else that came up. Twosox slowly started relaxing. I wanted to make sure that we ended on a really good note. So after Twosox gave me a nice soft, slow and left brain back up we stopped there. I waited till Twosox licked and chewed then I let him go. It was definitely an interesting play time :)

We are all proud of you Hannah!!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!!!!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow......

So this morning I woke up to see it was snowing!!! I guess it was snowing for a while because there was quite a collection out there. I like snow but I want it in December!! It is all melted now so I am happy!!! hehe :)

It doesn't help the corral any though..... just adds to the already to mucky ground. Oh well. Hopefully things will dry up.....I can hope right??? And now it is raining so there is a slight chance of that happening :(

Saturday, Sunday and Monday there is a Fawn Anderson clinic. I am at least going [Lord willing] Saturday and Sunday but I am not sure about Monday, I hope I can go for all three. It is a Level 2 Online and Freestyle Pattern Clinic. It should be good!! I really wish that it was a Level 3 clinic, that would be more helpful but I am sure I will still learn something. I am sure I could even learn bucket loads if it was a Level 1 clinic ;) This will make the second one this year!! I record for the most amount of Parelli clinics I have went to in one year.

Anyways. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes!! :)


Fun fun fun!!

Monday Oct 12 2009

I had a shorter play time with Prince today. It was still really good though. We played with some Figure eights. Prince was having trouble going around the one side so we played with that. He finally figured it out and our figure eights were so soft!!!

We also did some sideways towards me, leading by the tail [we backed up about 10ft with just a few hairs!!!!!] We did Change of directions, transitions, and spinning. At first Prince was having a hard time getting his forequarters over but  once he got it he did REALLY well. We also played around with jumping one barrel. Prince jumped it the first time but didn't really put a lot of effort into it so we played with it until he jumped it the whole way [not just jumping half and walk over the other half]. Prince started asking questions and then finally he figured it out and jumped it. We After we had played for a bit I got on and rode. I put the bareback pad on Prince for the first time in a long time!! It was soooooo comfy!!! I hardly knew I wasn't riding a saddle!!! I will be using that a lot this winter that is for sure!!!

Prince did so well at Follow the rail. We did quite a bit of trotting too. As long as I stayed focused I was fine and could ride his trot no problem. Prince stayed right on the rail and I hardly needed to correct him. Our indirect and direct rein has gotten a million times better. Prince is soft and very responsive now. It was amazing!!! One thing that has really helped is that I put what Mr. Parelli calls a "California roll" in my reins so they are still casual but are shorter. That seems to be working really well because I can be more effective soon.... "Do less sooner rather than more later" right? ;)

Since it was going so well I decided to change things up a little. We did sideways over a two tires [even that was better!!! Prince followed my focus and I didn't even need to use my carrot stick!!!] Then we started the Figure eight pattern. This pattern has always been hard for both Prince and I. So it will be interesting to see how it progresses. It wasn't to bad though. I had a harder time focusing and I think that was part of the problem but we will play with it and see how it goes.

Prince and I walked over to the fence and I asked Prince to go sideways right over to it so I could get off. Prince did really well with that. So all in all our ride was really good. Ever ride I have a plan and I know what to do so that really really helps. I love the Patterns!!


More horse play!

Saturday Oct 10 2009

Today I played with both Twosox and Prince. It was SO beautiful outside. Only Prince and Ruffy were in the corral when my mom and I went out to play. So we went out and found Twosox and Knightly in the field. It was really rather weird for Twosox [being a RBI] to be away from the herd.

We [mom and I] decided to play with the horses out in the field. Twosox and I did some stick to me to start with. Then we went to some traveling circles. Then Twosox decided that he didn't really want to be circling so he tossed his head, bucked and took off running. I wasn't prepared for it so I decided to let go of the rope. Twosox took off running through the bush. Since I didn't want to scare him I took another path through the woods. I found Twosox calmly drinking some water from a puddle. When he saw me he came walking right up to me. We went back to the field. Twosox wasn't scared so we went back to our traveling circles. He tried one more time to get away but I held on this time. Twosox started relaxing and his trot softened. It was really good. I love playing in the field because there are a lot of dips and hills. I walked over to the hill that leads down to the lower part of the field and stood there and Twosox circled around me, going up the hill and down the hill. It was really interesting to see how he moved up and down the hill.

After that we took a rest and then I massaged his legs. Twosox really liked that. Then I asked him to pick up his feet. Twosox did SO well!!! I am really proud of how far he has come!! I was able to take a really good look at his feet and since we had been playing on grass they weren't muddy or anything ;) When I asked Twosox to pick up his back feet he was SO soft!!!! He let me hold them, pick them out, move them around etc and he was fine. What I had to do though was not hold his feet so high. Twosox is more comfortable with his feet lower. So that was great!!

Then we went over to a big rock and I sat on it and helped my mom with her traveling circles with Knightly..... while Twosox took a really good long nap ;) My three brothers [my oldest brother and two younger once] came to see us. Twosox spotted them and was worried. But once he saw them he relaxed.

My mom let Knightly go before I had let Twosox go so I wasn't sure how Twosox would do [if he would get worried or not] but after I let him go he stayed with me!!! He couldn't see Knightly but he was totally calm and relaxed. What a special horse!!!!!!!! I love him so much!!


All the horses were in the turn around when we got there. Prince came right up to see me!! Rubbed him then haltered him. We then walked back to the corral. The rest of the horses followed a little bit behind. Prince did so well while I saddled him. I felt kind of bad because I am sure he would have much rather been out in the bush with the other horses. But we had fun playing so I guess that was good.

We played up on the riding ring. Prince trotted 7 circles with only 2 corrections!!! Hooray!!!! It was so cool!!! Plus he cantered 4 laps!! After we had played for a while I asked Prince to pick up his feet. It is amazing how something as small as a different hoof pick [with a brush on it] can make Prince not trust you as much. I was using a new hoof pick I bought with a brush on the one side so that you can brush the dirt out of the foot and Prince wasn't sure about it. Poor guy! Like they say "Horses never forget but they will always forgive" So lots of friendly game and rewarding the slightest try. By the end Prince was doing a lot better and was more trusting but he still wasn't totally sure.

Then I got on and rode. Prince did so well. We did our second day of Follow the rail. I am not sure if I mentioned this before but Prince and I have gone back to the beginning of the Level 2 Freestyle patterns and have started them again. When we were first doing them I wasn't consistent enough and so Prince didn't really know the pattern. So when I wanted to advance it he didn't know what I wanted. Just another lesson in "Taking the time it takes so it takes less time" :) I think that is my biggest challenge! Sticking with the task until I Prince starts asking questions and then stopping when it is better then it was when we started.

So we did Follow the rail. It was only our second day but Prince caught on so quickly. We did a lot more trotting today because I am a lot more fluid riding his big bouncy trot in a saddle. I made sure to have a really strong focus and that REALLY helped. I mean it make the world of difference when I was riding Prince's trot. Prince was a lot more in tune with me also. I can tell that our Transitions, indirect rein and direct rein are getting a lot softer also.

Near the end of our ride we were trotting a long and instead of going in between the barrels and the fence Prince went around them. Now a couple weeks ago I would have just said okay, it is to much effort to go all the way back and do it right so I will just take that but not today. We were still trotting and I just softly asked Prince to turn and go back through. To my surprise Prince stayed trotting and we turned and went back through the squeeze. When we were right in between the barrels and the fence I relaxed and Prince stopped. Then that is where we ended. Prince had a big lick and chew then I got off.

It felt really good to be persistent and go back and do it the right way. Plus Prince didn't feel wrong because I did it softly and politely. It was really cool!! When I took the saddle off Prince there were only really, really really small rub marks so I was even more happy!!!! Prince even stayed with me for a little while after I had let him go so that was really cool too!!!

It was really peaceful out side while I was riding. I haven't ridden that late into the afternoon in a long time so it was really nice. It was the perfect fall day!!! :)

My second ride on Knightly.....

Thursday Oct 8 2009

Well today I offically rode Knightly for the second time! He did very well, took it all in stride and was calm the whole time. We started off my playing in the ground. We did Circles, Figure eights, Touch it, Transitions, Sideways towards me [we just started that], the begining stages of backing up by the tail, then we switched over to the 45ft line. Knightly didn't know what to do with all the extra line. So for the most part we just played on 22ft-25ft. Knightly didn't know what to do with all the extra room!!!

After we were done playing I climbed up on the fence and asked Knightly to come sideways over to me. He did really well. I did some approach and retreat, putting my leg over then taking it off, rubbing him all over etc. He stood there perfectly the whole time!!! After a couple minutes I got on. We just did some pushing passenger lesson, just letting Knightly go where ever he wanted. He did really well. I asked him to go and stop. Both were really light.

After a little while I got off. Even though it was going really well I decided to end on a good note. Knightly is so skinny!!! Big difference from riding Prince ;) I was really proud of Knightly. He is willing to try as long as you don't push him and as long as you go through your phases right.  


After I had let Knightly go I played with Ruffy. We had so much fun!!!! He has so much energy and play drive!!! We did some really cool change of directions, transitions, jumping, sideways, touch it, and leading by the tail. Then I played with picking up his feet. Ruffy has gotten a lot better with me holding his feet. He is gaining patience!!! :)

When we were done that we just spent some time hanging out together. Then I un-haltered him while I was still sitting on the ground. What a special horse!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playing with Prince....

Wednesday Oct 7 2009

Today was FUN!!! My mom, two little brothers and I went out to get the horses. I caught Prince and played with him a little bit before we left. He was actually playful!!! It was so funny!!! We did some change of directions, some totally AMAZING transitions.... like one time Prince was cantering around and all I did was relax and he stopped right then and there!!! It was incredible!!!! One really neat thing was that Prince was cantering and there was slack in the rope!!!! Normally when Prince and I are playing in the field and Prince is cantering on the circle there isn't any slack in the rope at all. So that was really nice!!! We did a little bit of traveling circles too.

Then we started home. We played Stick to me on the way home and then every once and a while I would stop and ask Prince to pick up one of his feet. He did really well at that. The other horses didn't follow us home. Prince did really well though and wasn't bothered by that.

When we got up to the riding ring we did some Figure eights, Touch it, jumping a single barrel, sideways, leading by the tail, and then we played with our change of directions. I had a big BFO this morning and realized that I am not being consistent enough when I play and ride. So today I made sure that I was!! So at first our Change of directions were really rather messed up so I started playing with different things and finally I got it!!!! I was passing the rope into my other hand instead of keeping it in the opposite hand. Hmmm how interesting!! Once I made sure I was doing that right Prince did 4 change of directions BEAUTIFULLY!!!! I mean they were so smooth!!!

So then I told my mom what I found out and we did a little simulation to find out the difference. There was a huge difference!!! To think that something as simple as what hand the rope is in..... but it makes all the difference!!

After we were done that I got on Prince BB and rode. For the most part we just did Follow the rail. Prince is SOOOOO comfy bareback!!!! He is the most comfortable horse I have ever ridden bareback!! At first Prince wasn't really following the pattern so I would just politely put him back onto the rail. After a couple minutes he figured it out. For pretty much the whole ride Prince had the best look on his face!! He was really interested!!! Over all Prince did really well. I had a lot of fun because I knew what we were doing and was able to focus. So that was good. We did a little bit of trotting. Not to much because I am not the most fluid rider when it comes to bareback riding ;)

When we were done playing let Prince go. He stayed with me for a little while. Then he slowly walked down the hill to the corral, when he saw that the other horses were there he started neighing. Poor guy :( So my mom and I decided to take him back to the herd. I was part way down the hill and Prince saw me and he nickered!!! Then he came right over to me. What a sweet horse!!

So we start walking back out to the field. We did stick to me on the way there. Just some walk, trot, back up. It was really fun!! Prince didn't even seem to be worried about the horses now. He was so in tune with me!! Once we got closer to the field Prince looked like he wanted to go ahead so I let him. He trotted to the field and when my mom and I got there he was happily reunited with his herd ;)

We then just spent some time hanging out with the horses, Prince and Ruffy started playing. It was really interesting to watch them play! I love it!!! Ruffy has so much play drive!!! At one point Prince told Ruffy off then comes walking over to me and looks at me like "Did you see that!?!" It was funny!!!

Anyways! It was a really good play time and ride!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A calm and confident Twosox

Yesterday Tuesday Oct 6  I played with and rode Twosox. It was SO much fun!!!

After I had haltered him we went over to the tractor tires and we just spent some time together. I was talking to my mom too. It was really nice just to hang out with Twosox and let him really relax. I don't really know how long we spend there because my watch broke :(  That makes two in less than a year!! I really need to just buy a really good quality watch. Oh well for now I am going totally horse time ;) I rather like it. Even though I always seem to be late for lunch..... hehe

I was kind of waiting for Twosox to lick and chew. Finally he did and boy was it a big one!!! His head was really low, a perfect picture of left brain!! Then we went up to the riding ring. Before we started playing up there I took out all of the knots in Twosox mane. He sure gets them in there good!!

I had so much playing with Twosox!! We did circles, transitions, Sideways, Touch it, Figure eights at a walk from 22ft away, jumping, stick to me [walk and trot] plus we started some cutting!! That was fun!! I also picked up Twosox's feet. He did so well!!!! It took him a while before he licked and chewed though.

After we had played for a while I got on bareback and rode. I am re starting the Freestyle Patterns with him because I really want to build his confidence and I wasn't consistent enough when we did them before. So we did Follow the rail. Twosox did really really well. I was so proud of him!! He was very confident and relaxed the whole ride. At the end he started yawning, licking and chewing, his head was really low too. It was a very pleasant sight!!! I couldn't believe how much more comfortable Twosox was also!! The last time I rode him BB it was awful!! This time it was wonderful!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am speachless!!

Monday Oct 5 2009

I am totally speechless right now!! Prince and I had a wonderful play time today. My mom and I had to go out and find the horses. I love going and finding them!! Because that means we can play on the way back!! This time the horses were in the field. Prince and Twosox came up to see me. I love my horses!!!

I don't know why I decided to but I decided to play at Liberty with Prince for a bit. Just to see how it would go. Let me just say IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean we were in a 2 acre field with no fences around us [other then the property fence that keeps the horses in ;)]. Prince and I have NEVER done that before!!! Prince left twice but came back. We did stick to me, sideways away from me and towards me, Touch it, leading by the tail, close range circles and lots more!! One time when Prince left me he want galloping off but then got about 100ft and turned around and looked at me. I backed up a couple steps and he came trotting the whole way right up to me!!!!! It was SO cool!!!

It all seemed like a dream!! I mean Prince could have run off through the bush with the other horses but he stayed with me and was amazing!!! I think that why Prince and I don't have fun or success when we are in a round corral is because Prince doesn't want to be with me and I loose ALL of my imagination... poof.... gone!! But when we play in the field or in the corral where Prince can leave I know he can leave any minute but he doesn't because he wants to be with me!!!! So we both have way more fun because we both want to be with each other!!!!

Then we ran over to my halter and I haltered Prince. Then I sat of the ground and we spend some time doing nothing for a bit. After that we started going home. Prince was so in tune with me!! It was so much fun!!! When we got to the corral I saddled Prince and then we went up to the riding ring.

Prince cantered 4 laps on the circle with only 1 correction!!!! It would have been five but the basketball that was in the riding ring got in the way, the rope got caught on it and Prince stopped and looked at me and asked a question. It was really cool though because when Prince was cantering there was LOTS of slack in the rope. The belly of it was dragging on the ground for most of the time!!! Then we did some transitions. Canter to walk, walk to canter etc Prince was SO in tune with me!!! It was wonderful!!

After we had played for a bit I got on. My mom video taped me. Every month [starting now] she said she can video tape me playing for about 10 minutes in each savvy [Online, Freestyle, Liberty and Finesse] that way I can watch it, see what I need to improve on and also see our progress. Should be interesting!!

We did sideways, Follow the rail, transitions, extreme friendly game, dragging and carrying the bucket, opening the gate [a first for us and Prince did SO well!] Weaving, and Figure 8's. It was a pretty good ride. When I was watching the video I saw a lot of things that I need to improve on. One major thing that was Prince looks really bored. one other thing was that I think I do not stay with the task long enough. What I mean is that I do something like follow the rail but I don't do it until I see a change or something gets better. So that I will have to be aware of the next time I ride. A couple months ago I went through the same thing when we were doing transitions and change of directions Online. So it isn't something new ;)

After I had unsaddled Prince I picked up his feet. I put my gloves on so it was something different. He did really good. He was a little tense with his back legs though. One thing that really helped was that I had to wait until Prince relaxed before I started doing anything with his foot. If there is still tension in his leg and I start picking it out he will just pull his foot away.  It was pouring rain by this time. It rained on and off when I was riding but then it really started pouring. So I let Prince go. He did really well!! I am so proud of him!!

Tomorrow [Lord willing] I am hoping to play with Twosox.... if it doesn't rain ;) Should be fun!!!



Confidence building in Freya

Friday Oct 2 2009

In my last post I mentioned that after I had played with Poncho I played with Freya. We played with jumping and crossing the tarp..... or more like getting anywhere near the tarp ;) 

We started with some friendly game because she was a little worried. Nothing bad though. So after that we went to the jumps [barrels]. At first we just did some simple squeezes between me and the barrels, until she could confidently walk through the space. Pretty soon she was doing that well so I make the gap smaller... then smaller.... then smaller till she had to start thinking about jumping the barrels. After a couple minutes Freya jump the barrels! She wasn't 100% confident but it wasn't bad. Right after I disengaged her she started licking and chewing.

After we took a short rest we walked over to the tarp. Freya is really scared of that!! She has gotten better but she still jumps every time something hits the tarp. At first I was just asking her to go in between me and the tarp, that was going well but we weren't making a lot of progress. Freya would still jump sideways when my savvy string hit the tarp, even if it was just a little bit.

So I decided to try something a little different. I walked onto the tarp and started making a lot of noise. I was hitting it with the rope, jumping on it, etc etc. Every time Freya stopped and stood still I would stop and stand still. Then I would start up again, each time Freya got more and more confident with it making noise. It got to the point where I could hit it really hard with my carrot stick and string, jump on it, twirl the rope and have the end hitting it over and over, lots of stuff and Freya just stood there. I think that she wasn't afraid of the taro but the noise and once she realized that the noise wasn't anything to be worried about she was fine.

Then the next step was to see how she would deal with coming closer to the tarp. We took it one step at a time. Then I would start making noise again. She was fine! She then it got to the point where she was right beside the tarp and I could make some noise and she would just stand still. Then I asked her to take another step forward, this time she had to decided whether she would put her foot on it or not. She put like 1 inch of her on the tarp!! Success!! Before she wouldn't even smell it!! Then I asked for the other foot, she put that one on a little bit. So I gave her a rest. Then I asked her to take another step forward and she did!! She put her whole foot on the tarp!!!! Like Mr. Parelli says "Nose, Neck, maayyybe the feet"

We ended there. It was so much fun!! I love problem solving!!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

By popular demand....

So by popular demand I am typing this. Well not really ;)

Friday October 4 2009

Friday was a Parelli meet up. I played with Poncho!! I actually have a picture of him to post here....

I don't think I have posted one before. Anyways. This is Poncho. Handsome eh?

So lets see where do I start.....

Poncho was a little hard to catch. But that was okay. Once Freya was caught he was lot easier. He is way more respectful of my space now. So that is nice. You don't get that feeling like any minute you could get run over ;)

I put a little bit to much pressure on him at the beginning and he got a little worried. That is when I first really noticed that he is a RBI. Or at least right now he it. Once he gains confidence I could see him being more of a mild LBI. It just goes to show you that what Mr. Parelli says is true.... that RBI horses are the hardest to read. They look calm and confident but they really aren't.

So once I noticed that I backed right off. He is getting better with the carrot stick and savvy string. So that is progress. I decided to pretent that we have just started our session and so I sat on a pile of tires and just waited.... and waited...... and waited. Then finally he started licking and chewing!! Then he relaxed and lowered his head. Man he reminds me of Twosox when I first got him!!!

After that we did some Friendly game on both sides. The right is harder for Poncho but he realized that it was just friendly and soon relaxed a little. Every little success, even if it was that he lowered his head 1 inch was still a success.

Then we did some Touch it and Figure eights. He caught on REALLY quickly!! We did a couple complete Figure eights then stopped. He was so light. At first he was a little bit confused but that was because I but pressure in the wrong zone but after that he was great!! After that we went and checked out the tarp, poles, barrels, and tires. He took it all realy well. I could still see that he was a little bit unconfident but he was trying really hard. After that we went and did some squeeze game between me and the barrels. At first he would get scarred when he was going through the squeeze but after a couple squeezes he was fine and started walking through. Once he ever half jumped the side of the barrel!!

After that we went and I sat on a barrel and just had some undemanding time. Poncho started really relaxing and licking and chewing. Even yawning!! That was a really nice thing to see!!! We did a little bit of stick to me after that. Poncho was SO in tune with me!!! It was amazing!! All I had to do was think back up and pick up my stick a little bit and he would back up!!! We only did walk, stop and back up but it was still really cool!!

After I had finished playing with Poncho I played with Freya but that will have to wait for another post. I have to go now!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

You don't want to not watch this!!!!

Isn't Hannah amazing!?!?! 

Hannah you are an amazing inspiration to us all!!


Wow 4 horses in 2 days! Not bad!

I think that is the best yet! Yesterday I played with Twosox and Ruffy and today I played with Prince and Knightly!! Not bad if I to say so myself!!

I didn't get to play this morning but this afternoon, right after lunch my mom and I went out to find the horses. I was excited to play with Prince. Ruffy and Twosox were in the field but we could see Prince and Knightly at first. So we called them and they came out from the bush. At first they were just being normal LBI and walking ever so slow so I called Prince again and he started to trot and trotted right up to me with the most wonderful look on his face!!!!! It was such a priceless moment!!! I love Prince to much!! I am so very much blessed to have him!!!

Of course he got some oats for that ;) Normally he will come to me then leave once he has gotten his treat but today He stayed right with me and didn't seem to have any intention of leaving. I put my halter on him then went and got the 22ft line. He came with me. Ruffy came up while I was putting the 22ft line on Prince's halter so I had to send him away but Prince just stayed right with me even though he could have left!!!

We just spent some time hanging out together for a little bit then we went and Prince offered me some totally amazing stuff!!!! We did some half passes from zone 5, spinning, leading my the tail [which was REALLY light] and zone 5 driving. I was breath taken by the spinning and half passes!!! Prince was incredible!!!!

Then I went and sat on a rock and played "don't make me get off this rock". We did some really cool transitions. Prince cantered two laps, then I relaxed and he started walking, we did some change of directions [I stood up for those ;)] then I brought him in. Prince took forever to lick and chew so I just waited then finally he did it.

After that while I was still sitting on the rock I sent Prince over to a smaller rock that was about 22ft away and asked him to put his foot on it. It took a couple minutes for Prince to figure out to keep his foot on it but finally he did. It was really interesting to see the look on his face change. At first he wasn't really trying hard but then he started to get interested and really try. It was neat!!

We then did some stick to me. Prince got SO in tune with me that we could walk, trot, stop and back up and Prince would do exactly what I did. Even later when I would take a step forward to pick up my carrot stick of something Prince would do the same. It was cool!!!

Then I sat on the ground and we took a rest. Then I asked Prince to pick up his back leg. He did it BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!!!!!! He was so soft!!! He let me hold it, pick it out, look at it etc then I put it down put wanted to see something again so I picked back up again, no problem!!! I was not expecting Prince to be that light!!! I am so proud of him!!! I think we are finally back to where we were at the end of August/ beginning of September!!! 

It was really funny because I lied right down on the grass [or what is left of that grass :)], the other horses couldn't care less expect Knightly who was with my mom. They were maybe 50ft away and he couldn't stop looking at me!!! He was so funny!!!

After that we started back to the turn around. Since the path is really narrow and you either have to walk infront of your horse or behind I decided to walk behind Prince. So the whole way to the turn around we did zone 5 driving. Prince did SO well. Even when I stopped to wait for the others to catch up all I had to do was relax and he would stop and stay straight. One time we had to stop in a little clearing and I was about 5ft behind him. He just stood there. Normally he will start to turn around. So it was really cool!!!

Then when we got to the logging road we did some trotting and trotted into the turn around. After that I asked Prince to back between two logs and then go sideways over the one log. Prince did really well but I didn't set it up just right so he missed the log but still went sideways while I kept my feet still.

Then we played around with straddling the log. Prince did really well. We haven't quite got it but he will stop over the log when I relax. So we are going to keep playing with. To get him off of the log I would ask him to come sideways towards me. At first it wasn't truly sideways, his hind quarters were lagging, or his forequarters were running a head [which ever way to want to put it ;)]. But then the last time he did it perfectly!!! It was beautiful!!!

After that since we had already playing in the field we went to the round corral. At first we just did some Porcupine games, stick to me, leading by the tail etc then Prince left. He went right for the gate and tried to go through it. Fortunately I had already taken that into account and tied the 22ft line around the gate also. So Prince couldn't get out that way. Before he has just broken his way out so now he things he can do the same. He came back. I knew he was expecting me to send him on the circle and even though I really wanted to I didn't. I know that our circles are not the best and I really wanted to play with them but I knew that it would mean more to Prince if I didn't. So we did other things like jumping, stick to me, drawing backwards from zone 5, extreme friendly game, drawing to me at the trot, sideways towards me, leading by the tail, and Touch it. Prince did so well!!! He was wonderful!!! Oh and we also did a really cool spin!!! Prince is now adding speed into it!!! Hooray!!!

It was so much fun!!!

After we were finished playing my mom wanted me to play with Knightly. He was being extra dominate. So I did. He was SO cool!!! Yes he was being dominate on the circle but I think it was just because he expects us to do things to him and not for him and with him. So I started with asking him to put his foot on a small stump. He tried so hard!!! That really got his brain engaged and he started asking questions. Then we went and did some Touch it, and different kinds of squeeze games. Then I went to the circles. He would almost charge you while he was circling. He would go out nicely but then spiral in and pin his ears. So I had to catch it when he was still thinking about it. That worked really well. This was just at the walk but once that was going better I moved over a little bit and put in his path a hill. It was small but kind of steep so he had to really watch where he was going. Then I asked him to trot about steps and then come back down to the walk. I didn't want him to wear himself out or anything!! hehe :)

My mom has done a really good job with him. He is light and responds.... even though he has a awful look on his face ;) Pretty soon he realized that I wasn't so bad and he started to get a better look on his face. So then I disengaged him and he turned to me with his ears pinned. So I drove his backwards a couple steps. Then the look on his face totally changed!! He was looking and asking a question. So I brought him in after a little rest. He would come part way in then walk off. I think it was a little bit of unconfidence so I just softly asked him to disengage his hind quarters. Once he was able to walk into me I let him sniff my hand and he kind of had that look on his face like "fine just rub me" but he didn't look like he was going to enjoy it. So I let him sniff my hand and then I went and rubbed him on the shoulder. He didn't expect that! :) Then I just let him be and talked to my mom.

She asked if I could try a traveling circle game. So after I waited for Knightly to lick and chew [it took a while] we were off. He wasn't to bad. Then he saw something over in the bush and started walking off, so I took it and asked him to go sideways for about 10ft. Then we stopped right by some nice grass and vines. He enjoyed them!! I let him eat for a bit then brought him in and let him go.

I was surprised how light Knightly was. It was really cool!!! I had a lot of fun too!!


Online & Liberty with Twosox and a super fun Liberty session with Ruffy

Yesterday I played with Twosox and after him Ruffy self selected himself for a play session. It was so nice out side. It was a perfect fall day. A little rainy but not bad. My mom and I took the horse to the turn around to play. I was pretty sure that Twosox would be a little bit worried because we haven't played there in a while so I was prepared. He wasn't to bad though. The other horses came with us so that helped. He was still a little right brain so I made sure to give him a job right away. It was SO much fun playing in the turn around. There are hills, trees, logs, wet spots, etc lots of fun!!!

The only thing I had planned on doing was some Liberty and traveling circles. Our traveling circles were really good. Twosox didn't break gait [he was trotting] and even when I sent him up hills, over logs/trees, went through squeezes he was find!! It was really fun!!! We also did some circles in a smaller space. Twosox had to really watch where he was going. It was interesting!!

After we had played a bit Twosox really started relaxing. It was a wonderful sight to see!! He even fell asleep! Then we went over to the round corral and did a little bit of Liberty. Nothing to big because Twosox was a little bit unsure of what to do. A couple times he got "stuck" and didn't know what he should be doing so we spent a lot of time just spending time together. Our draw has gotten a lot better!! We took it really slow because I didn't want to push him over a threshold. After a little bit we went back Online and did some Stick to me at the trot. Before Twosox would stick with me but be about 4 ft away from me instead of beside me. So we played with that. Twosox got really good. One this that was interesting was that when I put my hand on his neck he got a lot more confident!! Hmmmmm..... How interesting!!

I played around with him feet a little bit. There was a small log in the round corral, I asked Twosox to put his foot on it. He put his toe on it and just left it there. I then went and looked at his foot. It was interesting that is for sure!! I am now seeing things that I never saw before!! So that is good!!

After I let Twosox go Ruffy came up and was following me around so we went into the round corral and played at Liberty for a bit. It was SO much fun!!!! He is a blast to play with because if I put to much pressure on him he will get unconfident but then sometimes he will be really playful. So it was a lot of fun!!!

We started with some Friendly game and driving game. I was just assessing what he could do. Our draw was a little sticky but I can understand that because I am just not my sister whom he adores... despite the fact everyone thinks we look alike ;)

Ruffy was being really playful and I have learned that it is better to go with him then hold him back. So I took want he offered [which was run away] and I asked him to jump the tree that is hanging over the side of the round corral. It fell there sometime in the summer and has been there ever since. It was a fun obstacle!!! Ruffy [being the LBE he is] picked the highest part to jump. It was SO cool seeing him jump!!! He is so athletic!!!!! Ruffy flew over it then turned and face me and asked a question like "did you see that!?!? Aren't I so good!?!" He came right with his ears forward. Another we played with because Ruffy would come in with his ears back... big no no for left brain horses!! :)

Then we did some circles. Ruffy had so much energy. We did canter sends, change of directions, jumping the tree again, and sideways. One time I put a little to much pressure on Ruffy and he got unconfident. So then we played with that. I could tell it immediately because Ruffy started looking out and couldn't give me two eyes when he was coming in. Lots of approach and retreat. Ruffy had a lot of trouble circling to the right. Not sure what but we played with it anyways. He slowly got more confident but he was still having a lot of trouble circling to the right. He had a threshold right near the gate, which I had noticed when my sister was playing with him at Liberty but I didn't recognize it for some reason. So just before he got tot he gate I would disengage him and bring him in. Slowly but surely he started going farther and farther then he was able to walk up to the tree and paw it etc. So I brought him in. He was so good!!!

Then we went back Online and I asked Ruffy to jump the tree going to the right. As soon as he was Online the normal LBE Ruffy came back. It was so cool!! I have never seen him switch back and forth so much!! He was totally fine jumping it to the right.

Then I let him go. What a neat horse!! It rained on and off while we were playing but that was okay. It never really down poured so that was nice. It did snow some this morning!!!! It didn't snow long but just enough to make me realize that winter IS coming!!! Whether we like it or not!! :)