Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Update: Arena, round corral, and video.

Well, July is here and almost over. A lot has been happening. We put in my round corral but could not finish it because of a lack of boards...but it is still quite usable. So between working 40+ hours a week, being sick with a terrible cough, and trying to get horse time in, life has been interesting.

I am taking a few days off work (today and tomorrow at least) until I know for sure what I am sick with and if should be going to work in the first place (although I have been working through the sickness for the last three weeks.... but anyways) Tomorrow I go to the doctor and we shall see, haven't been there in a looooong time.
Today I had a lovely ride with Prince and Knightly. I haven't been playing or riding because the few days that I did I was so tired afterward that I barely made it through work. Today though since I am not working I was able to ride. That makes a very happy me :)

 Here is a video from last week when I played in the round corral with each horse for the first time:

I hope you all have a wonderful July and are enjoying your horses! Naturally, ~Keri-Lynn